Main Nursery 2-3 years

In the playrooms for children in the 2-3 age range there is a huge variety of activities. Encouraged to play and talk about their experiences, children start to express themselves fluently.

Within the rooms for the main nursery we have 'treasure baskets' of natural and everyday materials, including metal items, brushes and spoons. 

Our indoor gym with the child-size quipment helps children to take control of their bodies and understand the benefits of exercise. They take part in yoga sessions, use the climbing wall and balance on beams. Our recent Ofset report called it "an extremely safe environment".

We have waterproof clothes and umbrellas available for children to be able to play outside whatever the weather. You'll often find them under cover in the combat shelter or in the play area under the clock house. There are always plenty of staff members around providing supervision and support. 

Children are encouraged to share, take turns and build relationships with their peer group and carers.